Why this Conference?

The ReachKeep Conference is unique. Where many church conferences have an emphasis on preaching, prophecy, or raising money for great causes, this conference has an emphasis on getting things done on the home front—the local church.

Church family

Holiday photo at Sinclair Baptist -December 2013

Statistics show our churches are aging rapidly.  The younger generation is leaving church when they go off to college or careers. For a variety of reasons they aren’t coming back.  The younger transient population of the new millennium has taken its toll as people move back and forth around the country following jobs and families. What are left to fill our pews are the older folks from a generation that is passed. Though solid and stable, the future of any church cannot be built on a shrinking demographic.

The ReachKeep Conference is a nuts and bolts teaching and training event specifically designed to reverse the trend. The conference is designed to bring people together that are passionate about the mission of reaching their community for Christ, yet dissatisfied with their present method’s rate of success.

If you are firm on your Bible convictions and stable on your calling, yet are looking for ideas to jump start your ministry, then the ReachKeep Conference is for you. It is more than a day of preaching and teaching. It will be the jolt of electricity that can bring your dead vehicle back to life. Register today and get on track to receive the tools and ideas that will fill your church with the new generation.

Eventbrite - Developing an Effective Strategy for Reaching New, Young Families