Three Reasons to Attend the ReachKeep Conference

Making plans to upgrade and improve your outreach to the community? Taking time to learn from others is a wise choice. is a unique training resource that is dedicated to providing innovative ideas and training solutions to local churches world-wide. Here are a few reasons you need to register today at one of the regional training conferences.

First- This type of training is essential to a church’s ongoing health.  Where else can you be challenged, informed and actually work on your church’s outreach plan? The gifted speakers in a casual seminar-style learning environment will take you many steps in the right direction.

Second- The ReachKeep staff has a deep love for smaller and rural churches. Our staff has been in literally hundreds of churches and worked with their leadership and congregation on a very personal basis.  We love the local church.

Third- The techniques and training sessions contain real life, field-tested programs.  This is not information on how to build a church “seminary style”. You will learn practical, hands-on techniques that are being used successfully every week, in small to mid-size churches across North America.

These three reasons are just a few of the many reasons you need to take a look at registering at one of the regional ReachKeep Conferences.  Take a look at the CONTENT page on the ReachKeep Conference website. It contains detailed descriptions of each of the training sessions. Then click on the register button and signup today!

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