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Three Reasons to Attend the ReachKeep Conference

Making plans to upgrade and improve your outreach to the community? Taking time to learn from others is a wise choice. is a unique training resource that is dedicated to providing innovative ideas and training solutions to local churches world-wide. Here are a few reasons you need to register today at one of the

How to Attract and Keep Young Families

Reaching and keeping young families in your local church needs to be more than just wishful thinking.  Many, if not all, churches realize the need to have parents with kids coming to their church. because of this, most pastors and church workers actively invite young couples to church and Sunday School. Occasionally they visit, but

The Gospel and Folding Metal Chairs

As powerful as the Gospel is, it has its limitations. The Gospel cannot convert an empty chair.  It is not good news to an empty room.  The Gospel is good news for people only. Just as the Gospel is not intended for dogs and cats (sorry pet lovers), it is not intended to be published,

Marijuana and Discipleship

Both recreational marijuana and recreational alcohol both contain a trace element of a powerful substance that is extremely harmful. Every bottle of beer and every inhale of pot includes this powerful, yet usually unrecognized material. This substance has a powerful and long lasting affect on the user. In fact, long after the alcohol or TCP

Circling Fish

Out here in the Rocky Mountain West, many of our Rainbow trout have been stricken with a disease that makes them go round and round and chase their tail.  This illness, called Whirling Disease, affects their survival rate in that they become easy pickings for predators while they are doing their never ending circles.  While

Meeting People’s Wants

Here is a good question. Is it wise to build a church based on people’s wants?  Meeting “felt needs” often takes a bad rap when it becomes the underlying purpose of a local church.  Aiming every program and activity toward what people want could be a recipe for a soft and mushy, feel-good type of

The Walmart Church Questions

If you are looking for an effective way to reach and keep parents with young kids, here is a simple tip: Like them.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure that we place high value on things we like.  The “liked” item get special attention, special talk, special interaction and care. And that’s how Walmart

Think Walmart

Are you trying to reach and keep those young families you see all around town?  Are you wondering as to why they don’t seem attracted to church anymore? Here is a thought. Parents of young children were born and/or raised in the 1980s. Their time of growing up came at the same time as the

How do I Get More Young Families?

The ReachKeep Conference answer the question that is in the mind of many church leaders, “How do I get young families to come to my church?” Ministry presents many problems to leadership. Effective leaders solve those problems. Leaders know, moving ahead with organizational goals is the required outcome, but unfortunately when leading a church or

Making Church Young Again

Our churches are aging. Quickly! School kids, once gone, seldom return. Young families attending church regularly are few and far between. Burdened grandparents bring their grandchildren to a building and program that is senior friendly and child adverse. More churches are building ramps for wheelchairs and elevators than are expanding the nursery and kids areas.